Look forward to large offers of culinary specialties, with langos, burger and Franconian food, while enjoying a diversified music programme in the large festival tent.

Dear festival visi­tors, dear fami­lies, dear children!

Much is offered on the Bayreuth folk festival place. Look forward to a large offer of culinary special­ties with langos, burgers and Fran­co­nian food, while enjoying a diver­si­fied musical programme in the festival tent.
With a wide choice of rides, there is some­thing for every age group. On the child- and family Wednesday after­noon also our little guests get their (discounted) money‘s worth. With half price rides and special offers from all other busi­nesses, the day can be enjoyed.
We cordi­ally invite you to our promo­tion days. Look forward to the American day, the miss-elec­tion and the Mallorca party, just to mention a few.
Like every year, on the first Saturday of the festival you can purchase surprise enve­lopes at diffe­rent shops.

Hint: look at our Face­book-fan side! Here you find inte­res­ting news, the program and infor­ma­tion in advance. Inquire under https://www.facebook.com/bayreuther.volksfest.

Your Bayreuth Marke­ting & Tourismus GmbH team

Folk festival regulations:
Dear visi­tors,
the folk festival will be an unfor­gettable expe­ri­ence if you are considered towards others visi­tors and follow the rules of conduct on the festival grounds.
Here you find the folk festival rules.
If you click on this you will receive an enlarged view.
As an alter­na­tive you can down­load the regu­la­tions in pdf format as well.




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