Tips for a wonderful autumn in our city

Hiking trail through the forest with the sun shining through the leaves

Autumn is slowly taking its hold on Bayreuth. The leaves are begin­ning to turn a deep orange-red shade, the nights are growing cooler again, but the days are still sunny and warm. At this time of year, too, the city has a lot to offer. Find inspi­ra­tion in our tips and enjoy your time with us in Bayreuth!

Make the most of our calendar of festivals

After the festive high­lights of the summer season, we continue unin­ter­rupted into the next round.

One very special treat is the Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival, which follows on from the Bayreuth Festival.

And don’t miss the Bayreuth Autumn Festival at the “Volks­fest­platz”. Try out the fair­ground rides to your heart’s content and sample all kinds of deli­cious treats – sweet and savoury. 

Sangeslust” , an a cappella festival, once again features a first-class programme of national and inter­na­tional acts over several days. As you can see, autumn in Bayreuth is colourful!

Create cute hedgehogs

Description how to create a cute hedgehog with autumn leaves

Down­load the temp­late for the hedgehog with one click.

An autumn hike around Raben­stein Castle — along the prome­nade on the path to the caves

The starting point for this romantic walk in the middle of Fran­co­nian Switz­er­land is the fore­court of Raben­stein Castle.

Raben­stein Castle © Mikhail Butovskiy

Just follow the signs with the green chess queen to the right of the castle. The total length of the walk is approx. 6 km and the diffe­rence in alti­tude to be climbed is a comfor­table 90 metres: the car park lies 438 metres above sea level, the valley floor 370 metres above sea level, and the ridge trail 460 metres above sea level (source: Frän­ki­sche-Schweiz-Verein Ailsbach-Ahorntal). 

The 95% wood­land surroun­dings create a unique atmo­sphere, espe­ci­ally in autumn. The circular trail leads you back to Raben­stein Castle, where you can round off your excur­sion with some­thing good to eat and drink at the “Guts­schenke” or in the beer garden.

Go fly a kite

Even windy autumn days have their charm. They are exactly the right time to get your kite out of the attic or cellar and to let it soar once again. 

There are plenty of hills in Bayreuth that are suitable for this. For example, in Grunau on the “Allee”, in the “Wilhel­mi­ne­naue” or on the “Bürger­reuth”. It is a wonderful expe­ri­ence for young and old to watch the spec­tacle of colourful kites borne by the wind.

Deli­cious carrot and pumpkin frit­ters with a feta dip

Recipe for carrot and pumpkin fritters with a feta dip

An autumn walk through the Ecolo­gical-Bota­nical Garden at the Univer­sity of Bayreuth

The autumn foliage in the Ecolo­gical-Bota­nical Garden is breath-taking. The bril­liant yellow, orange and red is a real feast for the eyes. What’s more, you can embark on a world tour and expe­ri­ence autumn on various continents.

Take part in a guided tour of the Festspielhaus

From September onwards it is possible to visit the world-famous Richard Wagner Festival Theatre again, as part of a guided tour. Have you always wanted to take a look behind the scenes? Learn more about its history and, of course, its first-class acou­stics? Then now is the best time to do so! Fasci­na­ting anec­dotes about perfor­mances and the people behind them are all part of this tour.

Gather chest­nuts to feed the animals in Mehl­meisel Wild­life Park

Chestnuts lie on the forest ground
© Anrita/Pixabay

Chest­nuts and acorns fall at your feet during an autumn walk? Then simply scoop them up and set off for Mehl­meisel with them. In the wild­life park there, the food will be much appre­ciated. After looking for lynxes and other wild animals, you can visit the summit of the Ochsen­kopf. The cable car is a comfor­table way to get to the top. The view of the surroun­ding area is breathtaking!

Shop for beau­tiful autumn outfits

It’s getting colder and you need a new outfit for the autumn? You’ll defi­ni­tely find what you’re looking for in Bayreuth city centre. And be sure to take advan­tage of the expert in-store advi­sors. They will be happy to help you complete your outfit with matching, trendy shoes, access­ories and much more! So why not head off on an autumn stroll through the city centre?

Enjoy warm rays of suns­hine in a wine bar

Autumn is also the time for harve­s­ting and pres­sing grapes. Although Bayreuth is not a wine region, it does boast some choice wine bars that are well worth a visit. In beau­tiful gardens or directly on the market square, leisu­rely hours spent with friends over a glass or two of wine pass by like minutes. Come and see for yourselves.

Recipe for dessert with apples

Recipe fpr a desert with apples

Go to the theatre

Bayreuth has some small but excel­lent theatre ensem­bles. The “Studio­bühne”, the “Bran­den­burger Kultur­stadl” or the “Operla”, a puppet theatre, have a diverse reper­toire on offer. The programme covers a broad spec­trum from clas­sical tragedy to contem­po­rary drama, from comedy to modern plays in Fran­co­nian dialect, musi­cals, children’s plays and musical readings. You are guaran­teed to have a great evening – no matter which perfor­mance you attend. Tickets for the perfor­mances are available at the theatre box office in Bayreuth.




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