Citi­zens festival

Celebrate an entire weekend downtown Bayreuth? You can do this again from July 3rd to 5th 2020. At the Bayreuth citizens festival, the streets are in an unusual festival state!

Meet old friends, meet new people and also enjoy the music from the diffe­rent alleys of Bayreuth. The Bayreuth Bürger­fest is the perfect place to create new memo­ries and rekindle old ones. The variety of booths, products and visi­tors makes the Bürger­fest a very special event.

What started out as a 1‑day event back in the day has evolved into a large three-day down­town event over the past few years. If you weren’t there, you missed out. From Untere Maxstraße to Von-Römer-Street to Stern­platz and Richard-Wagner-Street. The entire city center is filled with life, joy and fun this weekend.

With a variety of diffe­rent stands in the entire event area, the citi­zens’ festival is enri­ched. At every corner you can find some­thing else special. Deli­cacies, hand­made jewelry and not to forget the various music styles that resound from the alleys of the city center.

We look forward to welco­ming you again next year from 02 — 04 July 2021!

Your Bayreuth Marke­ting & Tourismus GmbH

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