Each year in the spring or autumn the popular mobility days take place, when the Maximilianstraße becomes a huge open air exhibition.

On April 1st / 2nd it is finally time again! The Bayreuth Mobi­lity Days trans­form the entire city centre into an exhi­bi­tion space for cars, bicy­cles, e‑mobility, alter­na­tive forms of mobi­lity and much more.

Local and regional exhi­bi­tors will present a variety of car brands and other inno­va­tive products to visi­tors on Saturday from 10 a. m. to 6 p. m.

The Mobi­lity Days will be supported by the sales open Sunday on April 2nd by retailers and restau­ra­teurs in Bayreuth city centre as well as the adja­cent Rotmain-Center Bayreuth.

The issue of climate and the asso­ciated change is beco­ming incre­asingly important in our society. We, the Bayreuth Marke­ting & Tourismus GmbH, ther­e­fore want to support the city of Bayreuth in its goal of being climate neutral by 2040 and ther­e­fore want to present at the Bayreuth Mobi­lity Days, in addi­tion to our internal combus­tion engines, more alter­na­tive means of trans­port and various sustainable projects.

Our exhi­bi­tors offer you a wide range of offers and projects:

Senior motor­bikes and scoo­ters
Converted Sprin­ters for people with reduced mobi­lity
“Small Climate Protec­tors on the Move” Climate Protec­tion Manage­ment Project
Action “Measure your ecolo­gical foot­print”
Childrens puppet theatre on sustainable mobi­lity
Bicy­cles produced sustain­ably
Vehicles with internal combus­tion engine, hydrogen engine and elec­tric engine, and hybrid vehicles of various brands
Roll­over simu­lator
Small elec­tric vehicles
Safety advice, traffic simu­la­tion with VR glasses, spec­tacle course
Used bicycle auction of the Lost and Found Office of the City of Bayreuth (only Sunday at Prager Platz in front of the Rotmain­halle)
e‑charging infra­struc­ture
Infor­ma­tion about train and bus trans­port in the region
Bicy­cles of various brands
Cargo bicy­cles
Vintage car exhi­bi­tion (only on Sundays in the Opern­straße)
Repair service for vehicles
Infor­ma­tion on car sharing offers in the region

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