Places of interest

Are you planning a trip to visit the cities of Bavaria? Are you looking for top attractions in Bayreuth? Here you find all the places of interest in Bayreuth.

Markgräfliches Opernhaus

Top 5

You should not miss to visit the following 5 places of interest in the largest city of upper Franconia.

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Ottmar Hörl - Wagner dirigiert Bayreuth © Simeon Johnke

Stage set for Richard Wagner

When you think of Bayreuth, you think of Richard Wagner. His life and works in Bayreuth have left many traces, which attract many visitors each year.

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Das neue Schloss © Ramona Schriner

Stage set for Margravine Wilhelmine

Margravine Wilhelmine of Bayreuth, sister of Friederich the Great, together with her husband margrave Friederich, shaped Bayreuth in only two centuries into a European residence city.

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Jean Paul

Stage set for Jean Paul

Visitors encounter Jean Paul`s legacy in Bayreuth in many ways. His residence in the Friederichstrasse which was also the house he died in, the grave site at the city cemetery, the center monument on the Jean Paul place, the Rollwenzelei on the way to the Eremitage ...

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Eingangsbereich © Ökologisch Botanischer Garten

Stage set for gardens and parks

The visitors find baroque horticulture from the Margrave times and modern garden architecture in Bayreuth. Numerous gardens and parks offer places to relax, to take walks and enjoy diversion for the entire family.

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Richard Wagner Museum Gartenansicht © Harbach

Stage set for Bayreuths museums

Guests can find out even more about historial treasures and the way of life of Upper Franconian's biggest city in numerous museums and cultural establishments.

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Afro Karibik Festival © Afro Karibik Festival

Stage set for Africa

For culture interested- and culture creators in Nairobi, Johannesburg, Detroit, London, Paris or Dakar, the name Bayreuth is a common word.

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