Wine festival

The next wine festival on the Bayreuth market square will take place from 04 - 08 August 2022.

Hello, dear friends of the Bayreuth Wine Festival,

Unfor­tu­n­a­tely, we have to inform you with a heavy heart that also in 2021 no wine festival can take place. The progress of the pandemic leaves us again no room for maneuver and we post­pone our beloved enjoy­ment festival for another year. But mark the 04th — 08th August 2022 red and thick in your calendar!

During the festival season, when the whole world is looking at Bayreuth, we invite you on a journey through the Fran­co­nian wine land­s­cape. At the Bayreuth Wine Festival, a selec­tion of around 40 diffe­rent fine wines awaits you to taste and enjoy.

Music, mild summer evenings and a good glass of Fran­co­nian wine from the region. These words perfectly reflect the Bayreuth Wine Festival. For years, more and more visi­tors have been coming to the event to meet friends or enjoy their evening off.

We look forward to welco­ming you to the wine festival in the heart of the shop­ping city of Bayreuth in 2022 to enjoy the deli­cious drops from our vint­ners toge­ther with great conver­sa­tions and inter­na­tional music.

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Monday – Friday:
10:00 - 18:00
09:00 - 16:00