Confe­rences in Bayreuth

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As a modern trade, industry and university city, Bayreuth offers many possible conference and event locations.

You are looking for the right place for your confe­rences? Bayreuth offers, besides the formal daily program, an unfor­gett­able stay.

Bayreuth offers varies rooms-and hotels with modern tech­no­logy, for events and confe­rences. Nume­rous hotels with several stars and a large offer of rooms for events or for confe­rences offer places for up to 4.000 participants.

The Bayreuth Marke­ting & Tourism GmbH is at your disposal with sugges­tions for an exclu­sive social program. Be it rela­xing at the Lohen­grin thermal bath, golfing at the Bayreuth golf course or a picnic “with margra­vine Wilhel­mine” at the Eremi­tage, we orga­nize unfor­gett­able adventures.




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