On the trails of Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt Museum Bayreuth © Lorenzo Moscia

Participants of the guided city tour “on the trails of Franz Liszt” will find out what traces Franz Liszt has left behind.

Besides visi­ting the museum in the house where the composer died and his piano virtuosos, the focus is on his life and work, as well as on the, not always unpro­ble­matic rela­ti­ons­hips with his daughter Cosima and Richard Wagner. The trails take you through the palace park (Hofgarten) by the new palace, via the resi­dence- and Jean Paul square to the Frie­de­rich­straße, past the piano manu­fac­turer Stein­gra­eber & Söhne, who were, already to Franz Liszt times, an insti­tu­tion in the musical life of the city of Bayreuth. After that, the walk conti­nues to the city ceme­tery and the tomb chapel of the famous Burgen­lander, where you have reached the end of the tour. The route on foot, from the Liszt museum to the tomb chapel is around 2,5 km long.

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