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The district of St. Georgen has grown historically and was originally a baroque city. The basic structures are still recognizable and give the district urbanity and a quality of stay.

There is much to be disco­vered along the histo­rical street market in St. Georgen, with the typical houses and their envi­ron­ment: histo­rical buil­dings like the order church the prin­cess house, or the wildly bran­ched under­ground cellars.

Thanks to many projects carried out by dedi­cated citi­zens, toge­ther with the district-and street manage­ment, who made St. Georgen today an attrac­tive, lively district with yearly events such as musical festi­vals „St. Georgen swingt“ in the summer and at Ster­nen­markt advent time.


In the „Schoko“ – a former choco­late factory is a youth center for sport and culture. It is an ideal, all year round place for music and art events. In the winter it is the home for skaters.






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