For culture interested- and culture creators in Nairobi, Johannesburg, Detroit, London, Paris or Dakar, the name Bayreuth is a common word.

The academy, founded with the funds from the Federal Ministry for educa­tion and rese­arch, provides a frame work for ground­brea­king rese­arch projects, which are linked to over­ar­ching debates. The academy brings rese­arch to Africa and to African diaspora in a scien­tific dialogue with other rese­arch centers and thus opens new perspec­tives beyond the limits of regional studies. The main focus of the Bayreuth academy during the first phase (2012–2016) is on the total project “Future Africa – Visions in Tran­si­tion”, which is divided in five subprojects.
The academy‘s main work focus lies on cultural and social sciences but she is also open for other subjects. Her scien­tific findings and debates on big current topics should be broad out in cultural and educa­tional work, in public and in poli­tics. Thus the academy orga­nizes regu­larly public lecture series and acts as a coope­ra­tion partner with other insti­tu­tions of the IAS.




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