Wilhelminenaue Gewässer

The Wilhelmine meadow, former state garden show grounds, is freely accessible to the public since April 2017. The new park offers relaxation, for young and old to experience nature and it is a new habitat for rare plants and animals.

Striking in the young landscape park are the landscape cabinets placed along the meadows, they are wonderful view- and event balconies.

The planers of the state garden show grounds ensured that numerous leisure time uses, in the area of the landscape cabinets along the meadows are possible for all generations also after the exhibition time. With these cabinets, rooms for different quiet and active uses were created: for sport offers like beach volleyball, dirt bike area, playing field, a swinging climbing net unit and for cultural usage a lake stage, a lawn stage (open air events), and hedge theater. For other leisure time activities is the barbeque place, the sand play area for children, as well as the lawns for relaxing, playing and gymnastic. The varied game- and sport concept is not limited to the cabinets: on the river Red Main canoeing is possible and northwest of the meadow see an additional play field was added. Across the meadow, directly by the river Main is the water playground.

“Fossil island” Behind the panorama cabinet “beautiful view” west of the Wilhelmine meadow, you find the playground “Wolkenkuckucksheim” with over dimensional bird houses, which create a special background and visual relationship across the Albrecht-Dürer Street. The intensely groomed areas with contemporary horticulture are cared for by the city garden office of Bayreuth.

With the interaction of meadow parks and landscape cabinets a new and special building block in the Bayreuth city structure is developed, which connects downtown, in an attractive and convincing way, along the red Main river with the Eremitage and into the open country side.




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