The Bayreuth City Money

Zwei glückliche Frauen halten ein Plakat des Bayreuther Stattgeldes in die Luft

You are looking for a present and can not find the right thing? Then use the Bayreuth city money 2.0! Redeemable in around 40 Bayreuth stores.


The ideal gift idea – the new Bayreuth city money!

In elegant card form, with new a new optic and redee­m­able in many stores of Bayreuth retailers, restau­rants and leisure areas – the new Bayreuth city money is here! Offered is variety and choice! This is how you can be sure: the one who receives the gift will find the right thing. The many uses and the appe­aling design make the Bayreuth city money a gift idea with style – not only at Easter or for a birthday. Give away a piece of Bayreuth – with the new Bayreuth city money!


Verlosung des Bayreuther Stattgeldes in Kooperation mit medi Bayreuth © ochsenfoto
Verlo­sung des Bayreu­ther Statt­geldes in Koope­ra­tion mit medi Bayreuth © ochsenfoto


What is new about the Bayreuth city money?

You can charge the new city money indi­vi­du­ally up to EUR 100.
This makes the new city money an ideal gift for special occa­sions, like birth­days, anni­ver­s­a­ries and jubi­lees. The voucher can be redeemed with many purchases made in the parti­ci­pa­ting shops, until the amount is used up. In addi­tion you have a choice of three attrac­tive card holders — now go: shop, enjoy and expe­ri­ence a good time looking and buying in the parti­ci­pa­ting Bayreuth stores.

How and where do you get the new city money?

The new city money is avail­able at the Tourist-Infor­ma­tion Bayreuth, Opern­straße 22. There are no proces­sing fees for the purchase. The current summary of parti­ci­pa­ting busi­nesses who accept the card, can be found on this website. You can also order the city money card per mail through:



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