On the trails of Jean Paul

Das Denkmal Jean Pauls auf dem Jean_Paul Platz

On the guided city tour “on the trails of Jean Paul”, you will find out about the trails Jean Paul left behind on the way between the palace Meyernberg and his beloved Fantaisie.

The Bayreuth Marke­ting & Tourism GmbH also offers a guided tour, “on the trails of Jean Paul”, through the city of Bayreuth. The parti­ci­pants expe­ri­ence the time and thoughts of the poet Jean Paul throughout the historic inner city of Bayreuth. On this guided tour parti­ci­pants get to know the city of Jean Paul, which is still largely preserved today, as the poet had expe­ri­enced it during his walks: in the palace park (Hofgarten), at the new palace, at the Jean Paul place or the Frie­de­rich­straße with the two resi­dences of which the house Frie­de­rich­straße 5, is also the house Jean Paul died in.

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