Christmas Market

Christkindlesmarkt © Stefan Doerfler

Against the magnificent background of historic Bayreuth, the booths of the Christmas Market offer culinary delicacies as well as handcrafted items.

In the pre-Christmas time just under 50 booths will extend from the city market place to the Römer street, presen­ting a variety of deli­cacies and gift ideas for young and old. The whole thing is framed and illu­mi­nated by a 7 km long string of lights, one of the longest in Franconia.

Bayreuth‘s mayor Brigitte Merk-Erbe opens the Christmas Market each year toge­ther with the Bayreuth “Christ­kind” by the Herkules foun­tain on the market place.
On the action stage, nume­rous choirs, schools, clubs, musi­cians, theater groups, story­tel­lers and nursery school children, provide each year a daily program for a festive Christmas mood.
Craft­smen demons­tra­tions invite you to marvel and participate.
Of course, the “Christ­kind” and Santa Claus also visit “their” market several times.

Fitting to the offered deli­cacies, included the ginger­b­read bakery Schmidt the Bayreuth Christmas market in their Christmas market direc­tory more

Winter Village in Ehrendorf

A very special Christmas atmo­s­phere offers the Bayreuth winter village Ehren­dorf. Here await you daily, until 11 PM, popular mulled wine varia­tions and deli­cious food by the roaring fire place in the rustic deco­rated cottages.




Opening hours:
Monday – Friday:
09:00 - 18:00
09:00 - 16:00
Sunday and Holidays:
10:00 - 14:00