Bayreuth für Geniesser
Bayreuth for foodies

Culinary high­lights in Bayreuth — Franconia’s culture und culinary centre

Bayreuth has both the regional cuisine of the typical Bayreuth estab­lish­ments and the modern brewery and fine-dining-cuisine of the 21st century to thank for its status as a Fran­co­nian culinary centre. Fran­co­nian clas­sics are combined with Medi­ter­ra­nean and Asian elements to create outstan­ding culinary experiences.

The margraves already culti­vated an exclu­sive dining culture in Bayreuth. Their dishes were refined with spices and ingre­di­ents from all parts of the world known at the time. In the 19th century, this tradi­tion was continued by Richard Wagner himself, along with his inter­na­tional visi­tors.
Nowa­days, it can be said that there is probably no other city in Fran­conia that can offer a wider range of culinary delights than Bayreuth. 

Upper Franconia’s specialities 

Whether in the city itself or in the surroun­ding area, connois­seurs of inter­na­tional and Fran­co­nian cuisine can be assured that they will find a suitable restau­rant nearby. If you want to learn more about the produc­tion of Fran­co­nian beer specia­li­ties or choco­late, we offer special themed tours. 

Genussorte in Bayreuth

Restau­rants in and around Bayreuth 

Bayreuth’s restau­rants have become more inter­na­tional. Along­side good Fran­co­nian cuisine, many inter­na­tional dishes can also be found on the menus.

Genussorte und Genussmenschen

Culinary people and places

Bayreuth has a long history of gour­mets from times past who appre­ciated the specia­li­ties of its cuisine and its beer. There are also nume­rous chro­nicled reports about special culinary loca­tions in Bayreuth.

Fried­rich Nietzsche 

Some­time or other we will all be sitting toge­ther in Bayreuth and asking ourselves how we were able to bear being anywhere else.

Bayreuther Bierkutscher

Culinary guided tours 

In Bayreuth you can find a wide range of guided tours and walking tours centred around culinary specia­li­ties and Fran­co­nian treats. During the tours you will learn about the produc­tion processes and regional customs. From beer to choco­late, there is a tour to suit young and old alike.

We offer the follo­wing tours:

Besucher in der Biererlebniswelt

Gourmet packages und combi-tickets

A short holiday enti­rely devoted to Upper Fran­co­nian cuisine is just the thing for gour­mets. In the “Genuss­re­gion” in the area surroun­ding Bayreuth, hotels as well as some museums offer exci­ting packages and combi­na­tion tickets.

We offer the follo­wing packages:

Jean Paul

Thank God that you – like me – do not live in Saxony or in the Saxon Vogt­land, but in Bayreuth, closest to the best beer – Cham­pagne beer.

Bier Zapfhahn

Beer tradi­tion in Bayreuth 

Bayreuth is also setting new stan­dards when it comes to contem­po­rary beer culture: Maisel’s Bier-Erlebnis-Welt (Beer Expe­ri­ence World) is the world’s largest beer museum accor­ding to the Guin­ness Book of Records, and the modern “Liebes­bier” brewery offers over 120 types of beer to be tasted! Annual beer festi­vals such as “Kirch­weihen” (church fairs) or “Bock­bier­an­stiche” (beer tastings) are the most important dates in the Fran­co­nian calendar. Guests can expe­ri­ence still more beer culture in histo­rical loca­tions and on special beer walking tours through Bier­franken (

Bayreuth can look back on a long brewing tradi­tion. In 1884, Bayreuth was home to no fewer than 74 brewe­ries. Today, Maisel’s Weisse, brewed in Bayreuth, is one of the most popular wheat beers in Germany. Around 200 brewe­ries throug­hout the region produce a total of over 1,000 diffe­rent types of beer.

From “Pils” and “Märzen” beer to a wide variety of wheat beers and the special “Rauch­bier” (smoked beer), Upper Fran­conia holds the world record for the highest density of brewe­ries in terms of population.

Even Jean Paul was convinced by Bayreuth’s beer: “I am stran­gely healthy. Thanks to Bayreuth’s beer …”

Also inte­rested in convin­cing yourself of the “healing” effect of Bayreuth beer? Then sign up for one of the various beer tasting options offered by Bayreuth’s brewe­ries: In addi­tion to the Maisel ´s Bier­er­leb­nis­welt, which has a wealth of diffe­rent beer tastings on offer, there is also a BräuBrüder (brew brother) joint brew every month – a colla­bo­ra­tion between Mann’s Bräu and Becher Bräu. Inter­na­tional beer styles are brewed and inter­preted with a Fran­co­nian twist. This way, you can get to know and appre­ciate Bayreuth’s beer delights directly on site.

The city also lies on the Beer and Castle Route, which connects nume­rous places with a long brewing tradi­tion from Thuringia to Passau.

Bayreuther Bratwürste auf dem Grill

Bayreuth in the “Genuss­re­gion”

Tradi­tion, and a closeness to culture and nature are reflected in Upper Fran­co­nian gastro­nomy with all of its deli­cious specia­li­ties. Here, visi­tors can expe­ri­ence the diver­sity of regio­nally produced food.

In terms of popu­la­tion, the “Genuss­re­gion Ober­franken” has the most bake­ries and confec­tioners, the most butchers and the most brewe­ries in the world. Many are still tradi­tio­nally run as family busi­nesses. Products origi­na­ting from the Nurem­berg Metro­po­litan Region are marked with the “Original Regional” logo. They contri­bute to supporting the local (agri­cul­tural) economy and envi­ron­mental protection.

As with beer, Fran­conia also has nume­rous regu­la­tions for the correct prepa­ra­tion of sausages. The Bayreuth brat­wurst, for example, is finger-thick, about 20 centi­me­tres long, very fine, low in salt and compa­ra­tively low in fat, and is always served with mustard and in pairs (at a minimum).

Other tradi­tional specia­li­ties such as “Blaue Zipfel”, “Stadt­wurst mit Musik” (cold meat mari­nated in oil, vinegar and onions) or “Press­sack” (cold meat jelly), which was highly appre­ciated by the poet Jean Paul, can be savoured by foodies in the tradi­tional inns and lovingly reno­vated historic restau­rants in and around Bayreuth.


Franconian “Brotzeit” (bread with cold meat)

in an inn


Kerwa Küchla (fried cakes)

with icing sugar


Ziebalakäs (curd cheese with chives)

with farmhouse bread




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