On the Bayreuth market place the jesters and carnival crowed is partying. The Bayreuth carnival fun last for 4 great fun days.

Helau and Awaaf!

On Sunday, with its many vehicles, music groups and social clubs the fun proces­sion takes you from the Äußere Badstraße via Richard Wagner Straße, to the market place where the big open air carnival party takes place.

Our DJs will probably make you warm in spite of cold temperatures.
The Bayreuth carnival compa­nies Mohren­wä­scher, Schwarz.Weiß Bayreuth, Bayrether Hexen e.V., Main-Nixen Bind­lach e.V. take care for you to also have fun on the other days. They make sure you are in high spirits and give you many shows on the action stage.

See you next year!

Your carnival team of the Bayreuth Marke­ting & Tourism GmbH toge­ther with the showman depart­ment of Bayreuth

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