Richard Wagner Opera Festival

Luftbild Festspielhaus © Corinna Weih

The Richard Wagner Opera Festival (Festspiele) takes place every year from July 25th to August 28th in the Bayreuth Opera Festival Theater on the green hill.

Every summer Bayreuth is a cultural center of artistic exploration of Richard Wagner`s music. The Bayreuth Opera Festival (Festspiele) has made the city of Bayreuth internationally famous, as well as the singers, directors and set designers.
With the sound of the opening fanfares of the Richard Wangner festival, an international audience flocks into the city and into the Festival Opera House on the green hill, whose foundation was laid there in 1872. With its one of a kind acoustics it captivates visitors year after year.

The life and work of Richard Wagner gave the former residence city a far reaching and new look in the 19th century. As the circle of music lovers, who want to experience the entire work live, became larger and larger, the chances to purchase a ticket for the desired festival became smaller and smaller. The Opera Festival begins on July 25th and continues until August 28th.

With a changing plan of different operas the stage is set each season with 30 performances for ca. 2000 spectators, many of them from foreign countries.






Opening hours:
Monday – Friday:
10:00 – 16:00
10:00 – 16:00
Sunday and Holidays: