Markgräfin Wilhelmine © Ramona Schirner

You discover the new palace in the inner city, stroll through the palace park (Hofgarten) and find out interesting things about the margrave opera house, a world heritage site.

Get to know the inte­res­ting life of the margra­vine Wilhelmine

Trails of the margra­vine Wilhel­mine: on this guided tour parti­ci­pants get to know many inte­res­ting things about the margra­vine Wilhel­mine, who was very know­led­geable in art.

After her marriage with the margrave Frie­de­rich in 1732, she came from Berlin to Bayreuth and turned the city in less then two centu­ries into a flou­ris­hing metro­polis of art and culture of the 18th century.

The focal point of the guided tour are details of her life, her artistic works and her grand buil­dings. The tour ends at the margrave opera house, a UNESCO world heri­tage site. There the parti­ci­pants are given the chance to visit the world heri­tage-infor­ma­tion center and to get to know the most important work of art of the margravine.



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