Armstrong Kit im Opernhaus Bayreuth © Andreas Harbach

Kit Armstrong played on July 24th at the UNESCO world heritage site, the Margravial Opera House Bayreuth - a highlight of the 17th Bayreuth piano festival.

More than 30 inter­na­tional artists in 60 days: the 18th Piano Festival brings piano music on highest level to Bayreuth. Visi­tors look forward to high class reci­tals with award winning pianists, well-known music profes­sors, and young master pianists. High­lights of the 2020 edition of the festival will be appearance of world stars Elisa­beth Leons­kaja on May 22nd and Martha Arge­rich & Friends on July 24th.

Our sugges­tion: Visit the new Stein­graeber Piano Museum featuring the Stein­graeber Liszt piano at the historic Stein­graeber Palais.

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