The Festival Park

Discover and relax on the Festival hill not only during the Richard Wagner Opera festival.

The festival park on the green hill

In the North of the city you find the 19 hectare large park. At the end of the 1920s
The park became its center piece in its present form, according to plans of the garden architect Gustav Allinger. In the 1970s further expansions were added. All year long you find oasises to relax and recharge, for example the stone garden, the new part in the Northeast of the park or by the romantically situated lily pond. The park unfolds its very special atmosphere in the summer evenings during the Opera Festival.

An eyecatcher in front of the Festival Opera House is the emblem with over 10.000 sunflowers which represents the main coat of arms of the Wagner family. Many rhododendrons and azaleas draw lovers of these plants to come in the spring when they are in bloom. Also roses and perenials please the eye of all flower lovers as well as primeval world plants and mountain sequoias, dogwood flowers, wing nut and ginko plants.