The Margravial Churches

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Eternity so close…After centuries of a long sleeping beauty sleep newly discovered: The beautiful margrave churches in- and around Bayreuth.

Common to all margrave churches is the pulpit altar, the double galleries with connecting, most times marble columns and the baptismal font or baptismal angel near the altar table. The way to Jesus and the trinity tidings belongs to the characteristic picture program of all margrave churches. They are a wonderful testimony of faith and art of the former margraviate Bayreuth. As one of a kind places of devotion and silence the churches offer the visitors the possibility to leave the every day life behind; they are ideal retreats to concentrate and remember the true and important things in life.

Many of these wonderful churches can be reached by bicycle, some on official church bicycle paths. For example, on a bike tour on the Main road the trinity church of Neudrossenfeld is a worthwhile goal and can be followed by a visit of the Drossenfeld Bräuwerk (brewery) to expand culinary aspects. Recommendable bicycle tours are to the church St. Michael am Gurtstein and to Weidenberg or to the magnificent St. Bartholomäus church in Bindlach, which is known as one of the most beautiful churches in Franconia.

Of course you can also hike to the margrave churches. Along the Jean-Paul way, in- and around Bayreuth await to be discovered not only the palaces and artful gardens of margravine Wilhelmine but also different margrave churches. The Jean-Paul way is ideally suited to occupy oneself in nature and countryside with the writings and life wisdom of Jean Paul which is still today of amazing actuality. Numerous aphorism plaques and reading stops offer the possibility of tranquility and rest. Depending on your wishes and mood you may choose individually, different long ways. Starting- and destination points can be reached with public transportation.
Margrave churches, palaces and artful gardens along the Jean Paul trail: in Bindlach, Eremitage in Bayreuth – Jean Paul`s “second heaven” St.Johannis in Bayreuth, new palace and park (Hofgarten) in Bayreuth, Spital church Bayreuth, Palace and Park Fantaisie, St. Aegidius church in Eckersdorf. Good food and drinks round up a sporty-spiritual excursion to the margrave churches.

With this, the margrave churches are a genuine and unique enrichment of the romantic countryside of Franconia. It is a culinary delight region with its many breweries and reginal specialties.

Discover “Margravial Churches” gives much information on these one of a kind churches.

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