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Eternity so close: The beautiful margrave churches in- and around Bayreuth.

Common to all margrave churches is the pulpit altar, the double galle­ries with connec­ting, most times marble columns and the baptismal font or baptismal angel near the altar table. The way to Jesus and the trinity tidings belongs to the charac­te­ristic picture program of all margrave churches. They are a wonderful testimony of faith and art of the former margra­viate Bayreuth. As one of a kind places of devo­tion and silence the churches offer the visi­tors the possi­bi­lity to leave the every day life behind; they are ideal retreats to concen­trate and remember the true and important things in life.

Many of these wonderful churches can be reached by bicycle, some on offi­cial church bicycle paths. For example, on a bike tour on the Main road the trinity church of Neudros­sen­feld is a wort­hwhile goal and can be followed by a visit of the Dros­sen­feld Bräu­werk (brewery) to expand culinary aspects. Recom­men­dable bicycle tours are to the church St. Michael am Gurt­stein and to Weiden­berg or to the magni­fi­cent St. Bartho­lo­mäus church in Bind­lach, which is known as one of the most beau­tiful churches in Franconia.

Of course you can also hike to the margrave churches. Along the Jean-Paul way, in- and around Bayreuth await to be disco­vered not only the palaces and artful gardens of margra­vine Wilhel­mine but also diffe­rent margrave churches. The Jean-Paul way is ideally suited to occupy oneself in nature and coun­try­side with the writings and life wisdom of Jean Paul which is still today of amazing actua­lity. Nume­rous apho­rism plaques and reading stops offer the possi­bi­lity of tran­qui­lity and rest. Depen­ding on your wishes and mood you may choose indi­vi­du­ally, diffe­rent long ways. Starting- and desti­na­tion points can be reached with public trans­por­ta­tion.
Margrave churches, palaces and artful gardens along the Jean Paul trail: in Bind­lach, Eremi­tage in Bayreuth – Jean Paul‘s “second heaven” St.Johannis in Bayreuth, new palace and park (Hofgarten) in Bayreuth, Spital church Bayreuth, Palace and Park Fantaisie, St. Aegi­dius church in Eckers­dorf. Good food and drinks round up a sporty-spiri­tual excur­sion to the margrave churches.

With this, the margrave churches are a genuine and unique enrich­ment of the romantic coun­try­side of Fran­conia. It is a culinary delight region with its many brewe­ries and reginal specialties.

Discover “Margra­vial Churches” gives much infor­ma­tion on these one of a kind churches.

You can book this, “Eter­nity so close” as well as other offers, to discover the margrave churches by hiking or biking with the Bayreuth Marke­ting & Tourism GmbH.




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