Sitzende Statue der Markgräfin Wilhelmine auf einer Parkbank in Bayreuth

You discover the new palace downtown, stroll through the Hofgarten (palace park) and learn interesting things about the world cultural heritage site, the margravian opera house.

Package deal offer: 2 days/ 1 over­night stay

Expe­ri­ence the Bayreuth of the margra­vine Wilhel­mine, visit the places of her life and works. In the newly reopened UNESCO world cultural site, the margra­vian opera house, you expe­ri­ence a remar­kable multi­media staging. In the new palace at the Hofgarten (palace park), you can see the most beau­tiful room crea­tions of the rococo period in Bayreuth. A guided tour, as well as a deli­cious dinner in a special restau­rant, round up your “Wilhel­mine – visit” in Bayreuth. Our tip: visit also the palaces- and artful parks of the Eremi­tage at the gates of Bayreuth.




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