Der Morgenländische Bau im Felsengarten Sanspareil Frontalansicht mit gelbem Blumenbeet

In 1749 margravine Wilhelmine wrote: “here nature itself was the architect” It was said, that the name of the rock garden came from an exclamation of a visitor: C`est sans pareil! (This is unequaled)

Rock garden, Sans­pa­reil with oriental building

Due to reno­va­tion the Oriental Buil­ding will not be acces­sible to visi­tors in 2024.

Source: Baye­ri­sche Schlösserverwaltung

Here one sees a unique garden layout from the time of the argrave couple Frie­de­rich and Wilhel­mine, who created in midst bizarre rock forma­tions a plea­sance after a lite­rary program. It was far ahead of its time and founded in modern times an inde­pen­dent garden type.

Castle Zwer­nitz
In the imme­diate neigh­bor­hood thrones a char­ming medieval castle from which one can enjoy a wonderful panorama over the Fran­co­nian Switzerland.




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