Röhrensee © Stadtgartenamt Bayreuth

The zoo in the south of the city, is one of the most popular recreational areas of the population of Bayreuth. The lake exists since 1891 in its present form. The name goes back to the fact that wooden tubes, for the first water pipes in Bayreuth, were stored here.

The Röhrenpark, a park for plants, animals and people.

A popular zoo

The zoo is looked after by the city garden office and it offers besides recreation, relaxation and distraction from daily stress in quiet surroundings also information about a diversity of wild life.
In 1973 the first animal enclosures were set up. Since then it is an indispensable part for the city and the people of Bayreuth. The park allows meaningful leisure time in surroundings with beautiful flowers and different animals is it a true nature encounter. An important mission of the zoo is to combine relaxation with education. This is why there is no entrance fee for this family friendly facility. It is always open to the public. Special features of the park and its inhabitants are presented on attractively designed panels. Individual adventure stations allow a special perspective.

Generation playground

The large playground presents itself in an active and lively way with the different climbing possibilities, the generous sand play area, fitness equipment for all generations and with a construction for water games.
Boots for hire, kiosk and restaurants round up the range of offers.




Opening hours:
Monday – Friday:
10:00 – 16:00
10:00 – 16:00
Sunday and Holidays: