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The foun­da­tion of the museum goes back to an initia­tive of history conscious citi­zens who, at the end of the 19th century rightly feared, that more and more histo­rical docu­ments would be destroyed and scat­tered. Until around 1930 most objects came as gifts into the coll­ec­tions. The main focus was the margra­vial epoch from the beginning,

To find an accom­mo­da­tion was always a problem. For a hundred years the museum had to help itself with chan­ging, inade­quate loca­tions, which caused damage to some objects. Only in 1985 the city council decided the histo­rical buil­ding of the old Latin school at the Kirch­platz, which was used by the fire depart­ment, was to be converted into a museum. The reno­va­tion was expen­sive due to the poor condi­tion of the buil­ding- but in 1996 the new museum was opened. Concep­tion and design were awarded with the Bava­rian museum prize.

The conver­sion was based on the prin­ciple to subor­di­nate modern museum archi­tec­ture to the old remai­ning buil­ding but to make it visually clearly visible.




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