Außenansicht Franz Liszt-Museum Bayreuth

When Franz Liszt visited the Bayreuth Opera Festival in July 1886, he was already very ill. He lived in the house of the forest ranger, right next to the Villa Wahn­fried in which his daughter Cosima Wagner lived with her children. During the night from July 31st to August 1st Franz Liszt died in the presence of Cosima and was buried on August 3rd at the Bayreuth city ceme­tery. The house he died in, Wahn­fried­straße 9, is since 1993 the Franz Liszt museum. A bust of Liszt from Arno Breker stands on the green hill in the park of the Opera Festival House, not far from the bust of Richard Wagner also from Arno Breker.

You find tracks of Franz Liszt in Bayreuth still today. Aside from the Liszt museum, there is his tomb at the city ceme­tery and the original Liszt grand piano of 1873 in the rococo hall of the Stein­graeber & Söhne piano manu­fac­turer. Here Liszt payed with his friends and colle­agues and gave concerts for the public. Still today concerts are given regu­larly on the Franz Liszt grand piano.




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