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Wandern in der Fränkischen Schweiz © TZ Fränkische Schweiz

The city of Bayreuth can be explored while taking a relaxed walk. For guests who liketo hike, the surrounding regions, the Franconian Switzerland or the Fichtelgebirge,offer many possibilities.

Walking in Bayreuth
Gardens and parks in Bayreuth

The Rot-Main-lea way in the city area
The Red Main river is brought back into the mind of the city of Bayreuth. The route  between the Cassel­mann­straße and the entrance to the state garden show grounds, is suitable for an infor­ma­tive and enter­tai­ning walk to the main points of the themes: “city by the river” (“Stadt am Fluss”) and “city of gardens and parks” (Stadt der Gärten und Parks”). The theme “city by the river” shows back­ground history of the Red Main river and its impor­t­ance to the city of Bayreuth. You get an over all view of all bridges on the Red Main river, located in the city. You look at visions, illus­trated by Matthias Ose – how the inner-city envi­ron­ment of the Main river could look in the future and you can obtain city plan­ning infor­ma­tion. The main theme “city of gardens and parks” shows in an impres­sive way that Bayreuth is a green city, with histo­rical parks, like the palace park (Hofgarten) or the Eremi­tage, as well as new parks like the Zoo Röhrensee, the festival house park or the ecolo­gical, bota­nical garden of the
univer­sity of Bayreuth. The “green lung” of Bayreuth is comple­mented by the gardens of indi­vi­dual citi­zens and the new citizen move­ment around the inter­cul­tural gardens of encounter or “urban garde­ning”. The state garden show and the Wilhel­mine lea is another deve­lo­p­ment element in the history of the city.

Fran­co­nian Switzerland
The Fran­co­nian Switz­er­land, one of the oldest German vaca­tion- region, between Bamberg, Bayreuth and Nürn­berg, excites guests with over 35 castles and palaces from the middle ages and with its over 1000 caves and nume­rous romantic mills, in one of the largest nature parks of Germany. It owes its name to travel writers of the 19th century. They gave the former “Muggen­dorf Gebürg” its present name because the region, with its moun­tains, valleys and rocks reminded them of Switz­er­land. The diverse land­s­cape of the Fran­co­nian Switz­er­land is still today a main attrac­tion. Far away from hectic, this low moun­tain range offers many diffe­rent possi­bi­li­ties for leisure time enjoy­ment: from a trip to one of the clim­bing parks to a trip on the Wiesent, to a tailor- made theme hiking tour, bicycle- and moun­tain bike tours, as well as family friendly acti­vi­ties and visits to great sights.
(Source: Franken Tourismus) Fich­tel­ge­birge Romantic valleys, idyllic ruins of castles, fasci­na­ting moors, beau­tiful lakes in forests, springs and one of a kind rock forma­tions – discover the many beau­tiful parts of the Fich­tel­ge­birge. A variety of diffe­rent pictures of this land­s­cape charac­te­rize the region, so that every hiker gets what he looks for. From the densely wooded rock massif, which runs horseshoe shaped from Bad Berneck to the stone forest (Stein­wald), to the soft hilly land­s­cape in the heart of the moun­tain crest: all toge­ther await you 3.600 km marked hiking tours in the heart of Germany!
(Text source: Natur­park Fichtelgebirge)

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