Hiking and walking

Wandern in der Fränkischen Schweiz © TZ Fränkische Schweiz

The city of Bayreuth can be explored while taking a relaxed walk. For guests who liketo hike, the surrounding regions, the Franconian Switzerland or the Fichtelgebirge,offer many possibilities.

Walking in Bayreuth
Gardens and parks in Bayreuth

The Rot-Main-lea way in the city area
The Red Main river is brought back into the mind of the city of Bayreuth. The route  between the Casselmannstraße and the entrance to the state garden show grounds, is suitable for an informative and entertaining walk to the main points of the themes: “city by the river” (“Stadt am Fluss”) and “city of gardens and parks” (Stadt der Gärten und Parks”). The theme “city by the river” shows background history of the Red Main river and its importance to the city of Bayreuth. You get an over all view of all bridges on the Red Main river, located in the city. You look at visions, illustrated by Matthias Ose – how the inner-city environment of the Main river could look in the future and you can obtain city planning information. The main theme “city of gardens and parks” shows in an impressive way that Bayreuth is a green city, with historical parks, like the palace park (Hofgarten) or the Eremitage, as well as new parks like the Zoo Röhrensee, the festival house park or the ecological, botanical garden of the
university of Bayreuth. The “green lung” of Bayreuth is complemented by the gardens of individual citizens and the new citizen movement around the intercultural gardens of encounter or “urban gardening”. The state garden show and the Wilhelmine lea is another development element in the history of the city.

Franconian Switzerland
The Franconian Switzerland, one of the oldest German vacation- region, between Bamberg, Bayreuth and Nürnberg, excites guests with over 35 castles and palaces from the middle ages and with its over 1000 caves and numerous romantic mills, in one of the largest nature parks of Germany. It owes its name to travel writers of the 19th century. They gave the former “Muggendorf Gebürg” its present name because the region, with its mountains, valleys and rocks reminded them of Switzerland. The diverse landscape of the Franconian Switzerland is still today a main attraction. Far away from hectic, this low mountain range offers many different possibilities for leisure time enjoyment: from a trip to one of the climbing parks to a trip on the Wiesent, to a tailor- made theme hiking tour, bicycle- and mountain bike tours, as well as family friendly activities and visits to great sights.
(Source: Franken Tourismus) Fichtelgebirge Romantic valleys, idyllic ruins of castles, fascinating moors, beautiful lakes in forests, springs and one of a kind rock formations – discover the many beautiful parts of the Fichtelgebirge. A variety of different pictures of this landscape characterize the region, so that every hiker gets what he looks for. From the densely wooded rock massif, which runs horseshoe shaped from Bad Berneck to the stone forest (Steinwald), to the soft hilly landscape in the heart of the mountain crest: all together await you 3.600 km marked hiking tours in the heart of Germany!
(Text source: Naturpark Fichtelgebirge)




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