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Enter the OBERFRANKENHELL and experience the players of BBC BAYREUTH live!

© BBC Bayreuth

Since 2010/2011, one of 18 basket­ball teams of the major leagues in Germany, comes from Bayreuth: BBC Bayreuth

Regard­less whether playing against Bamberg and Würz­burg, or against the abso­lute top players of the leagues Berlin, Munic, Ulm and Olden­burg … or any of the games against state- or cham­pion leagues … as soon as the players of BBC Bayreuth enter the floor at the Bayreuth sport park, the entire hall becomes the hall of HELL in upper Fran­conia! It is an unfor­gettable expe­ri­ence, when around 3.400 spec­ta­tors stand like one man behind their team. 

This inspi­ring, enthr­al­ling, indeed inde­scri­bable atmo­sphere has made many a visitor, after the first game, a regular guest in the sport park hall.

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