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In the Königsallee in Bayreuth, at the junction , direction Eremitage stands an old house. It is the former customs house of Colmberg also called “Chaussee- and Traiteur house”.

The Jean Paul room in the Roll­wen­zelei in Bayreuth

The house has a long history and a special feature seldom found: it is the house in which the poet Jean Paul lived and worked the last 20 years of his life from ca. 1805 to 1825.

His “poet room” was made available to him by the hosts Roll­wenzel and until today the house is called Roll­wen­zelei after them. It is preserved in its original form. As part of the resto­ra­tion 2006 to 2010 the room was restored as Jean Paul knew it and is further­more probably the smal­lest museum in Germany enri­ched by exhi­bi­tion space.



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