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In the Königsallee in Bayreuth, at the junction , direction Eremitage stands an old house. It is the former customs house of Colmberg also called “Chaussee- and Traiteur house”.

The Jean Paul room in the Roll­wen­zelei in Bayreuth

The house has a long history and a special feature seldom found: it is the house in which the poet Jean Paul lived and worked the last 20 years of his life from ca. 1805 to 1825.

His “poet room” was made avail­able to him by the hosts Roll­wenzel and until today the house is called Roll­wen­zelei after them. It is preserved in its original form. As part of the resto­ra­tion 2006 to 2010 the room was restored as Jean Paul knew it and is further­more probably the smal­lest museum in Germany enri­ched by exhi­bi­tion space.

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