Jean Paul trail

Jean Paul Weg Wanderung mit Landrat Hübner © Regionalmanagement Bayreuth

The hiking trail touches the Franconian forest and Franconian Switzerland. The trail was continued in 2012 to Sansparail and has length of 200 km.

You encounter Jean Paul`s legacy still today in many ways. In the residence- and house of his death in the Friederichstrasse, the tomb in the city cemetery, the central monument on the Jean Paul place , the “Rollwenzelei” on the way to the Eremitage. He came to the restaurant of the Rollwenzelei almost daily to write. You find his legacy in the palaces and parks of the Eremitage and Fantaisie, which were places of some of his most beautiful scenes in his novels. All these places are connected through the Jean Paul way which leads through a large part of upper Franconia. The Bayreuth Jean Paul way was put on record in 2010.

Numerous informative plaques on different places let the reader dive into the life and works of the poet.

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