The Bayreuth Culinary Pass (Genießer Pass)

Bayreuther Genießerpass

The Genießer-Pass for the City of Bayreuth is now available at the Tourist Infor­ma­tion Bayreuth at Opern­straße 22. Five gastro­nomic part­ners from the city centre ensure that the holder of the pass can immerse himself in the diver­sity of Bayreuth’s culinary world. 

From a coffee and a cake to a pair of original Bayreuth brat­wurst and a “cut” dark beer from the draught to a marzipan gift, there is some­thing for every taste. The connois­seur pass is available for € 10,- at the tourist infor­ma­tion desk, can be rede­emed flexibly and is also an ideal gift for a variety of occasions.




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