Bayreuth beer culture

Fasskeller © Maisel

Bayreuth lies in the heart of upper Franconia, a region with the most breweries in the world. Nowhere else are so many breweries per population as in the city of Wagner and the surrounding region.

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Bayreuth lies in a region with the most breweries in the world.
Around 200 breweries produce all together over 1000 different types of beer. The Maisel beer, brewed in Bayreuth, is one of the post popular beers in Germany. Experience Bayreuth beer culture in the Maisle`s beer adventure world which, with its extensive beer museum, was put in the Guinness book of records. Here, in the Maisel & Friends brewery, the beers, which you can try at the cultish restaurant Liebesbier, are being brewed. Altogether there are 21 special beers freshly tapped from the barrel and over 100 different bottled beers. You also take a Bayreuth beer tour with a guided city tour and get to know more Bayreuth beer specialties and delicious delicacies.



Opening hours:
Monday – Friday:
09:00 – 18:00
09:00 – 16:00
Sunday and Holidays:
10:00 -14:00
(May 1st  – October 31st)