Bayreuth beer culture

Bayreuther Bierkultur - Fasskeller © Maisel

Bayreuth lies in the heart of upper Franconia, a region with the most breweries in the world. Nowhere else are so many breweries per population as in the city of Wagner and the surrounding region.

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Bayreuth lies in a region with the most brewe­ries in the world.
Around 200 brewe­ries produce all toge­ther over 1000 diffe­rent types of beer. The Maisel beer, brewed in Bayreuth, is one of the post popular beers in Germany. Expe­ri­ence Bayreuth beer culture in the Maisle‘s beer adven­ture world which, with its exten­sive beer museum, was put in the Guin­ness book of records. Here, in the Maisel & Friends brewery, the beers, which you can try at the cultish restau­rant Liebes­bier, are being brewed. Altog­e­ther there are 21 special beers freshly tapped from the barrel and over 100 diffe­rent bottled beers. You also take a Bayreuth beer tour with a guided city tour and get to know more Bayreuth beer special­ties and deli­cious delicacies.

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