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Explore with one combination ticket different highlights around the beer experience in Bayreuth. It includes among other things, the Maisel's beer experience world and a city tour.

The tour starts with a city tour, where you get to know the most important sights of
Bayreuth. After lunch at the Oskar, the tavern on the market, or at the “Eule” your way will lead you
to Maisel’s Beer Expe­ri­ence World, to the largest beer museum in the world, which
offers a audio guided tour every day from 11 am to 17 pm
In the Oskar or in the “Eule”, guests can lite­rally feel the Fran­co­nian hospi­ta­lity and can enjoy a
typical Bayreuth specialty with the beer­tour voucher: the Bayreu­ther “Brat­wurst with kraut”, are one of the classic Bayreuth meals and of course a typical beer.
The beer expe­ri­ence world is listed in the Guin­ness Book of Records in 1988 and
pres­ents more than 2,400m² of Bayreuth beer culture. Beer could still be brewed
today in the former Maisel brewery, as all the historic faci­li­ties are still there. The
museum also offers more exhi­bits than any other brewery museum in the world.

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