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The city of beer Bayreuth, combines magnificent castles with a lively beer tradition. Go on an exploration tour and you will experience this unique combination.

Bayreuth is located in the heart of the culinary delight region of upper Fran­conia and
at the same time directly on the beer and castle road. The city of beer Bayreuth thus
combines magni­fi­cent castles and magni­fi­cent gardens with Fran­co­nian delicacies
and a lively beer tradi­tion. With the voucher card “Bayreuth castles and brewing
culture” you will expe­ri­ence five inte­res­ting stations in a unique combi­na­tion for a
sensa­tional offer of 22 euros per person. On your tour, you will learn about the
beau­tiful Rococo palaces of the Margra­vine Wilhelmine.

At the end of the day’s program, you can explore the
brewery Gebr. Maisel’s exten­sive brewery museum and round off the day with a
freshly tapped beer specialty in the brewery “Liebes­bier”.

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